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I am Alden a.k.a ADESIGNMACHINE*, a multidisciplinary designer, 3D artist, and visual engineer with an immense passion for design, mecha, and mechanical keyboard play.

I have worked on some of the World's most well-known brands such as HP Inc., ASUS, TUF Gaming, DELL, Sennheiser, Creative Technology, etc. 

Additionally, my work has been awarded and exhibited throughout his career by the likes of Red Dot design awards, iF design awards, and Japan G Mark design awards. His design has also been featured in Dezeen, Wallpaper, and Render Weekly. 


Industrial designer II  / [Redacted]

Industrial designer / ASUS

Industrial designer / NOK

Design intern / NOK


Red Dot Design Award Concept 19

Red Dot Design Award Concept 18

iF International Design Award 17

Japan G-Mark Design Award 17

Red Dot Design Award 16

Red Dot Design Award 15





Red Dot Press

MetaJam Asia

Singapore Design Week


Why 'A-design-machine'?

'DESIGN MACHINE' was what we called our creative director, Tommy* (his nick), in my first job at NOK. Since then, I have used this moniker to remind myself to strive like a 'design machine' like him. 'A' is my first name - Alden

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