"The Core philosophy at B&O PLAY is that music should sound authetic - no tweaks & cheating - Just music the way the artists intended it when they were in the studio." - B&O
"The BeoPlay H6 is an expression of simplicity and authenticity - a naked statement with nothing to add and nothing to take away. honesty in every detail, simple yet sophisticated." - Jakob Wagner, designer of B&O BeoPlay H6 
The BeoPlay H3+ is an ambitious design that borrow its big brother language to influence its small brother. The challenge is how can we be inspired by the BeoPlay H6 and infuse its expression into an earphone perimeter. In parallel, the design must  brings comfort to the user, and is guided by B&O's Core Philosophy and values. 
I presents you, H3+ 
[Disclaimer/ This is a personal project and does not reflect Bang & Olufsen and its line, BeoPlay, in any way.]
Created in Jan 2014.

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